Notice 1 – AutoDCR application is moving to new server. It will be remain unavailable 1900 Hours, 18-02-2017 to 1030 Hours on 21-02-2017. Sorry for inconvenience caused.         Notice 2 – Online AE survey remarks application as per EODB will be available 24 Feb 2017 onwards.         Notice 3 – Continuous CC format is live online in SWC application.         Notice 4 – Notice 337 and 44/69 will be available from 18 Feb 2017 for download and online submission.         Notice 5 - Site best viewed in IE 8 and above, with a screen resolution 1024 x 768.         Notice 6 - It would be mandatory to upload site progress video’s & photograph’s from 20th December, 2016 onwards with online submission. Please ensure to provide the same.         Notice 7 - It would be mandatory by Sub Engineer to create challan before sending to higher officials. This feature would be mandatory from 23rd December, 16 onwards.         Notice 8 - System will have single numbering system from 5th Jan, 17 onwards. Will remove 'generate permanent number' option from Sub Engineer console, Single number will be generated automatically after submitting application to corporation.         Notice 9 - Payments could be made at CFC through AutoDCR collections console/ Logins.
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Note:- New Architect Console Can be best viewed in IE 9.0, Firefox 2.0, Chrome 50.0.2661 & above. Please click on Architect Login
Download Java 8 updated 73 setup
  (32 Bit OS) for Digital Signature
Download Java 8 updated 73 setup
 (64 Bit OS) for Digital Signature
PreDCR - AutoCAD setup files  
PreDCR - ZwCAD setup files 
PreDCR - CAD Independent setup files 
Sample Drawings 
Document recommended by EODB, Maharashtra 
 Help Manuals
EODB Circular 
Help Desk 
PreDCR help manuals AutoCAD. 
PreDCR help manuals ZWCAD compatible. 
Drawing protocol document. 
Citizen Search Help Manual
Digital Signature Help Manual
Note:- Java required for digital signature component.
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