Document recommended by EODB, Maharashtra
Architect Appointment letter
Acceptance by Architect/ L.S. to EEBP
Architects/ L.S. plot area certificate
Owner's Plot Area Affidavit
Personal Identification Information of Owners
Appointment of Consultants
Acceptance by Consultants to EEBP
Application for Layout Approval by Owner/architect
Checklist for Layout approval
Architects/ L.S. Fact Sheet for Layout
Layout Permission Scrutiny Report by EEBP
Undertaking for layout terms & conditions
Layout Approval Letter
Terms and Conditions for Development Permission
Application for Layout completion
Checklist for Layout completion
Report of layout compliances
Layout Completion
Comprehensive Undertaking
Comprehensive Indemnity Bond
Application for AE survey Remarks
AE survey Remarks
Application for demarcation for Reservation/Amenity
Issue letter for demarcation
Application to City survey for area confirmation
Application to Dy.MA for approved
Approval by Dy.MA
Application for LOI/ Handing over in lieu of TDR
Letter of Intent
Draft Agreement for Transfer of Reservation to MCGM
Draft Agreement for Transfer of Non Buildable Reservation to MCGM
Draft Agreement for Transfer of Buildable Reservation to MCGM
Letter for submission of Draft Agreement
Letter for Returning of Signed Agreement
Letter for Submission of Signed Agreement
Handing over & Taking over Report for Non Buildable
Handing over & Taking over Report for Buildable
Possession Receipt- Non Buildable
Application for Transfer of Ownership in name of MCGM
Possession Receipt-Buildable
Letter from DP to ward
Registered Declaration cum Indemnity by owner
Advance Possession
Bank Guarantee Submission Letter
Format for Bank Guarantee
Letter from DP to Estate for Handing over of Documents
Letter from A.E. (Maint.) for Handing over Set Back
Possession Receipt for Setback
NOC to avail FSI of Setback
Letter to City Survey Officer for Change of Ownership
No Compensation paid for Setback from Ward
Report for TDR Utilization
Checklist for TDR Utilization
TDR issue Letter
Undertaking cum indemnity
Application for Proposal by Architect for full potential
Checklist of Documents
List of indicative Concessions
Data sheet & Scrutiny by Architect/SE/AE/EE for Concession
Fact Sheet
Scrutiny Sheet for IOD/CC
Report on Various Concession sought
Intimation of approval of Concessions to Architect/Owner
Application for IOD/CC pending concession by Architect/LS
Registered Undertaking by Owner for starting work prior to obtaining
Report for provisional IOD/CC
IOD upto plinth pending Concessions approval
CC upto plinth pending Concessions approval
Work Start Notice
Application for IOD/CC on Architect/LS Letterhead
Report for IOD/CC
Payment Sheet
Issue of IOD u/s 346 of MMC Act
Issue of CC upto Plinth
Application for Further CC
Site Supervisor Memo
Report for FCC
Application for Amended IOD/FCC
Report for Amended IOD/FCC
Issue of Amended IOD
Application for Part OC by Architect
Checklist of Documents for Part OC
Indemnity Bond for Part OC
Part OC issue Letter
Application for OC/BCC by Architect
Report of Documents for OC/BCC
Report of Compliance of IOD Conditions D Form
Comprehensive Undertaking
Comprehensive Indemnity
Intimation by MCGM regarding Corrective Measures for Concession to Architect
Grievance Appeal
Application for CFO NOC
Project Details
Area Certificate from Architect
CFO Remarks before IOD-CC
CFO Guidelines
Draft for Application for CFO NOC for OC
Checklist for OCC Submission Undertaking
Checklist for OCC Submission
Inspection Report by Fire Officer
Check list + fact sheet for EETC
Letter for Submission of Consultant's Report to EEBP by Architect
EETC consultant report For Highrise and Stilts Podium with car lift
EETC consultant report For Lowrise
Undertaking for Mechanised Parking
Application for Road Remark for Construction of Setback claiming 25% FSI
Road Remarks from MCGM for Construction of Setback claiming 25% FSI
Application for Part Completion
Application for Full Completion
Part Completion Certificate
Full Completion Certificate for Constructed Setback
Application for Road Remarks in case of not claiming 25% FSI
Remarks in case of not claiming 25% FSI
Application for No Dues by Owner
Scrutiny form application of No dues
Internal Report for No Dues
Issue letter for No Dues
Application by LP for P Form
Application for Remarks for layout/Building
Consultants DBR for Internal Water Mains
HE Remarks
Consultants report for Downtake
Consultants Report for Hydraulic testing
Application by LP to consultant
Test Report for Testing
Certificate for Hydraulic and Chlorination Testing
Completion by Consultant
Application for connection of IWM to MCGM water main
Demand note for Road opening charges
Permission for Road Connection
Application to construction dept for connection of IWM to Watermain
Cross connection demand note
Completion of connection of IWM to WM
Application to ward for street connection for single building
Completion of street connection to WM
Application for certificate under sec 270A of MMC Act
Certificate under sec 270A of MMC Act
Undertaking for water connection - HE
Application for external SWD Remarks
SWD External Remarks by MCGM For Suburbs
SWD of Plots Above 500 mts in City Area
SWD of Plots Below 500 mts in City Area
Application for completion of external SWD
Completion Certificate-SWD external
Application for Street Opening
Payment of Charges for Street Opening
Permission for Street Connection for SWD
SWD Report by Empanelled Consultant for remarks-Internal
Letter from Owner/ Architect to EEBP+EESWD
Completion Certificate by Consultant .
Application for Drainage street Connection
Permission for Drainage street connection
Payment of Road Opening supervision chargses.
Completion of Drainage Street Connection from Ward.
Internal report for Completion of Drainage
Completion by SP P&D
Undertaking for Connection of Drain Line
Application and Remarks by the Licensed Plumber Internal Drainage
Completion Certificate Self Certification from Consultant
Letter to STP Consultant
Letter by LP to recover prorata charges
Remarks by STP Consultant
Application to Consultant for completion
STP Completion Certificate by Consultant
Drainage completion by EEBP
Application - Architect to Consultant
Cover page of Consultant's Report
Technical Data , Details of HVAC System by Consultant
Technical Ventilation System Data for Mechanic
Consultant's Completion Certificate
Self Certification
Self Certification
Application for Borewell
Borewell undertaking
Memo of conditions
Indemnity of use of well water
Permission to construct Borewell
Application for construction
Advance charges for Insecticide Treatment
undertaking for utilisation of well water
Indemnity for water storage
Acknowledgement receipt
Application Summary of Information
Site Summary
Issue Letter High Rise
Self Certification for No Trees
Tree Inventory by Tree Authority
Forwarding Letter from Architect to SG
Inspection Report from JTO _No tree
Application for Tree cutting
Checklist for Application for Tree NOC
Internal Report of Tree Authority
Comprehensive Undertaking in case of tree cutting and Transplanting
Draft of NOC to be issued
Demand Letter From Tree Authority
Demand Note for Payment (New Format )
Application for NOC for OCC
Compliance Report to be submitted by Owner
Internal Report of Tree Authority Completion
Intimation for fallen Trees
Permission for Trees Trimming
Notice for Short Plantation of Trees to Owner
Self Certification by Owner
Application for Tax Clearance Certificate for OC
Tax Clearance Certificate